Rain is about letting go of the old for the new. It’s about washing away the dust to prepare for a brighter future for brands.


Rain foretells rebirth. We’re continuously in the pursuit of re-imagining the present for brands.


Rain is about drawing on life’s experiences to power brands. We look inward for inspiration as much as we look outward.


Rain is about being the best we can be and having fun doing it. It’s what makes our people and our brands happy.

Independent in spirit.
Fearless in thought.

Rain is the brainchild of creative and strategic minds bringing together the expertise of network agencies and the fearlessness of boutique agencies.
We create communication that fuels growth for brands across the region.

The things we’re good at.
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Content
  • Communication
Our projects
For brands with a purpose,
communication with a purpose.

Eyes on you

Simple story, told well helped the brand connect with its audience without much effort.


Dare to do

It's not so much about what our products do, but how many memorable moments we have helped create.

India Gate Classic

Cooking instincts

Times change, but some things will always remain the same.


Blink and it's gone

Let's just say that we love turning around work in the blink of an eye.


Set yourself free

Longing makes the heart grow fonder of all the things we missed during the lockdown.


Everyone's cup of tea

Renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor and his many avatars were just right to nail this brief.

Century Financial

You're never alone

Isn't it nice when investment companies talk like human beings? We think it is.


Playground Earth

A powerful insight and a simple execution made this project set new benchmarks for social media communication for the brand.


Skin superfood

There were no half-measures when we set out to romance the ingredients.


Physics of retirement

We've never seen anyone explaining mathematics through physics. And it worked like a dream.

Our Clients
Relationships based on trust