National Geographic Abu Dhabi is the first and number one Arabic factual entertainment channel in the Middle East. It not only offers international programming in Arabic, but also fascinating and inspiring stories from the Middle East region. The challenge was two-fold:

1. Increase the viewership by recruiting new audiences and breaking the perception that National Geographic Abu Dhabi is only about wildlife and monotonous documentaries. 

2. Own the space of bringing to light stories from the Middle East region before the competition does.


We are in the age where you are defined by the information you consume, the manner in which you consume and sources from which you consume. Your information defines the person you are. You are what you consume.

Creative thought

Whatever personality type you are, National Geographic Abu Dhabi has a programme to suit you. So whether you are the creative type, the industrious type, the adventurous type or the ambitious type, National Geographic Abu Dhabi understands this and brings you the best of factual programming to satisfy your thirst for higher order content. And these are stories from your part of the world, in the language you are most familiar and comfortable with.