The colours of emotion.

On viewing a thermal image of the human body when exposed to different emotions, it is seen that the body changes colour depending on the emotion it is being exposed do. When exposed to stress, it turns orange. When exposed to anger and violence it turns red and similarly when exposed to love and humour, it turns yellow and green respectively. The new B4U Aflam logo was designed to embody these 4 colours, as these are the genre of Bollywood movies that Arabs enjoy. 

Typically, Bollywood movies are a mélange of emotions, even if a movie belongs to a particular genre. So four versions of the logo were created to be used on air to indicate the genre of the movie. 

For instance, a viewer could get to B4U Aflam while flipping channels and happen to catch a song sequence in an action movie. Now that could mislead him to believe that it is a romantic movie and perhaps he might be disinterested. But if the on air logo is red (for action), it will help him identify the genre.

Changing the on air logo to indicate the genre of programming is something that was attempted for the first time in the world of broadcasting. It has gone a long way towards driving viewership on B4U Aflam.