Creating a connected experience to see better through online, mobile and in-store.

The responsibility was to get as many contact lens considerers to sign up for a free trial and actually get them to walk in to a partner store to try out contact lenses. The starting point would be to drive awareness among ‘contact lens considerers’ through digital media and innovations. Give them a reason to visit the key accounts (free trial) and simplify the overall journey.

First, contact lens considerers’ presence online was researched, and education sites, sports sites, beauty & fashion sites and lifestyle sites were identified as the right places. Then, a different set of digital display banners were created for each.

On clicking these banners, the ‘contact lens considerer’ would be taken to a specifically created landing page, depending on which banner she had clicked. If a person had clicked on a banner on a sports site, the landing page would continue the conversation in the context of an active lifestyle, with someone who is considering lenses to enhance it. On this landing page, her basic details would be captured with the promise of emailing a coupon to get her to claim a free trial at the outlet of her choice.

Once she completed the form, she would receive an email, which she could simply show on her mobile at the optical store and get a free trial.