Making a woman feel one in a million.

How does a local brand make a woman desire something, when she probably has everything she wants?

The responsibility was to give the Rajesh Popley brand of diamond jewelry, available only in Dubai – a city renowned for luxury shopping and luxury shopping malls - the stature that would compete with the world’s most exclusive brands. 

The RP Collection is priced to aim at the wealthy few and to compete only with the exclusive. Now the truth is, for a woman who finds everything she fancies within her pocket’s reach, nothing really is exclusive. So RP Collection found itself a place, a notch higher than ‘expensive’ or ‘exclusive’. That place was ‘THE MOST DESIRABLE JEWELRY IN THE WORLD’. It was brought to life with imagery that captured the feeling of lust for its exquisite collection. 

The RP Collection was made to exist in a surreal world. With the dreamy hue of colour and unconventional play of beautiful pieces of jewelry with the female anatomy, RP Collection managed to create a desirable world of its own.