A candy store with outlets in the UAE and Qatar, Candelite never really had a footfall problem. The problem was lower ticket sizes. Customers would buy candy for themselves, but how much candy could you buy for yourself at one time?

The responsibility was to increase its average ticket size. To that end, it set its sights on becoming a serious player in the gifting space. But, Candelite gift packs were created with woven bamboo boxes and baskets, making it an unappealing gift box concept to kids, the main target group. 

The solution was to redesign the gift box from scratch, which would have great appeal with kids – love to gift, love to receive it. The result was a series of packs with cartoon faces on it, giving each face a character and a name. That way, kids would identify with the different faces and also love collecting different packs. From a business perspective, the packs were made of a certain size, so while gifting them one would have to fill up the boxes, ensuring higher bill sizes.

The pack itself became the face of the print, outdoor and POS advertising campaign, supported by investments in radio and digital.