How does one create visual language for a concept that is a coming together of two awe-inspiring brands - Dubai and Bollywood? 

A flagship brand of Dubai Parks and Resorts, Bollywood Parks Dubai is an iconic project that is destined to redefine tourism in the region. It is conceptualized and engineered to offer a world of unique entertainment in a first-time theme park, inspired by the world’s largest film industry - Bollywood.

The responsibility was to give the brand of such lofty ambitions (and its sub brands) its visual personality and graphic language, to reflect a top-class global entertainment destination. 

The process would involve searching for the very essence of the brand – its DNA – before even thinking of form and colour; and then bringing that DNA to life in various visual forms. This would mean creating something beyond a mere visual template. It would entail digging deeper, constructing a Brand Pyramid, arriving at a Brand Essence and eventually defining the Brand’s visual guidelines to reflect that essence.

A journey that started with field trips to various theme parks around the globe and researching the forms and colours of Bollywood has finally resulted in the creation of the brand book for Bollywood Parks Dubai. This book will serve as the one guide to all stakeholders responsible for the communication of brand Bollywood Parks Dubai for years to come.