Adding flavors of fun to Rainbow Milk

Rainbow Flavoured Milk decided to put on the war paint and go on a major offensive to build volumes and win market share. To this end, it optimized its recipes and also lowered the price to a magic price point of SAR 1. But that was just the start. The responsibility was to carry this change through, all the way in its communication.

The packaging now needed to go through an overhaul as part of this drive. The old pack had featured the popular cartoon character Ben 10, but his presence was subdued due to an overwhelming number of nutrition claims. The need was to be single-minded about communicating fun with the pack and make it more appealing to the kids. The secondary packaging also underwent a change (carton of 18 single serves) as this is what mothers in KSA would purchase in modern trade, given the large family sizes.

This was followed by a 30-second TVC featuring Ben 10, which brought alive the fun factor while emphatically communicating the magic price point. Alongside, a Master Visual was created and adapted to various POS and display materials in Modern and General Trade.