Reassure yourself that you’re on track to achieve your
financial goals.

HSBC wanted to reach out to their customers to undertake a Financial Planning Review. During this review, HSBC would assess their current financial situation and then recommend a strategy and plan to help achieve their financial goals. 

However, many customers already had plans in place through a financial adviser back in their home country, and they didn’t see the need for another adviser in the UAE.

The challenge was to convince customers why it would be a good idea to seek a Financial Planning Review with HSBC. Our campaign was based on the insight that people take a second opinion on many things in life, such as their child’s school, the doctor they visit, choosing a car, planning a holiday, visiting a restaurant. So, shouldn’t they be taking a second opinion on their financial planning as well?

We launched the campaign on HSBC’s website where we asked customers to choose three things they take a second opinion on. If they did not choose ‘Financial Planning’, we encouraged them to seek a second opinion on their financial planning as well. 

During the second phase of the campaign, we used retargeting techniques to deliver specific messages depending on which websites they visited. For example, if they visited Time Out Dubai, they would receive a message ‘ You take a second opinion before you try a new restaurant. Shouldn’t you be taking a second opinion on your financial planning as well?’