Protection for your family’s future. As important as being their role model today.

How do you convince UAE residents that life insurance should be included in their financial planning, when many don’t see the need for it? Reasons ranged from ‘it’s expensive’ and ‘I don’t need it’, to ‘I am healthy and nothing will happen to me’.

The campaign objective was to address these barriers and make people realise that life insurance should be a fundamental part of any financial plan, as it protects their family from financial distress should something happen to the main breadwinner.

We did this through an in-branch and online education campaign that addressed each of the barriers; thereby attempting to change people’s perception that life insurance was unimportant.

Executions included in-branch installations where customers could choose one of 12 cards based on their reason for not taking life insurance. On the back of the card, we demonstrated why their reason was not quite valid, with a call to action to contact a Wealth Relationship Manager to help safeguard their family’s financial future.