Living a happier, healthier retirement.

The campaign was based on the insight that people are living longer due to an increased awareness of living healthier lives, coupled with improvements in medical technology, but they weren’t necessarily planning well enough for their retirement.

The objective of the campaign was to download the report, which offered practical steps for a healthier and happier retirement. We did this by demonstrating that there was so much to look forward to in retirement if people prepared for it properly, by showing various scenarios of retirees living healthy, active lives.

We also took advantage of the Masters Champion League, a cricket tournament showcasing the skills of retired cricketers. The messaging of our campaign, matching the broadcast on TV, cleverly brought out the point that retirement is not the end, but the beginning of a healthy new era. 

Later in the campaign, we also did an activation program at HSBC branches. Customers who visited a branch during the activation campaign were asked a simple question - what is your dream retirement plan? People responded with various answers – playing golf, travelling the world, house on the beach and so on. Each respondent who spent time talking to an HSBC Relationship Manager, about various investment plans, was rewarded with a caricature sketch of them in retirement. The video of this activation was shared on social media platforms and got close to half a million views.