When B4U Aflam was launched, the Arabic Bollywood space already had some established players like Zee Aflam, Zee Alwan and Zee Film Hindi from the ZEE Group. The regional media giant MBC had also thrown its hat into the Bollywood space with the launch of MBC Bollywood.

The responsibility was to create space for B4U Aflam among the giants who already had a headstart. The best way was to steer clear of the supremacy war and instead focus on winning the hearts of the Arab audience by positioning the channel as one that celebrates every colour, every emotion of Bollywood in the Arab world.

A launch campaign was designed, focusing on the key genres that were liked by the Arab audience and to communicate B4U Aflam’s understanding of their taste in Bollywood with the promise to bring the best that Bollywood has to offer in each of their favourite genres. Instead of images of film stars, silhouettes were created using iconic posters from Bollywood’s biggest hits, giving B4U Aflam a differentiated look and a new design vocabulary.

The radio spots adopted a similar strategy. Instead of loud proclamations, the subtle art of sound design was used to create spots that supported the Print and Outdoor campaigns.